Friday, February 22, 2013

- 4 Orgasm Secrets That Other Men Will Never Know

Perhaps you to OK a course on human sexuality in college. If you did, you likely remember one thing: the lecture on the female orgasm. Women want to have them, men want to deliver them. But all too often, the fairer sex's big-O falls among the ranks of the Abominable Snowman-great, Ben Wah Balls, in theory, but not something that's often stumbled across.

If women are flummoxed by their orgasms, you're thinking, what hope do you have? Lots, it turns out. Sure, the female orgasm is fickle. But if you follow our 10 lessons about the female orgasm, you'll have the knowledge you need to start studying (and finally seeing) it in the wild. So sit down, listen up, and whip out your pencil. Class is in session. n.

Orgasm is not a bad word. Only if you have not had one in a while. But there is help. All most all men would not admit that it's all guess work that they do when they are in bed with women. If you are one of those who work blindly in the dark and simply hopes that your lady will feel pleasure anyway, you need a little bit of catching up to do.

Here are four of the most important Woman orgasms secrets that you need to know:

1.There is clitoral orgasm and there is also vaginal orgasm. The first obviously comes from the stimulation of the clitoris but the latter is a little bit trickier. Vaginal orgasms come from stimulating the G-spot vibrators which has a different location for different women. Some women have accessible G-spots which can easily be reached by the finger or an average sized penis. However, there are also those whose G-spot is hard to get to, much like a secret government facility. In this case, you might want to explore the option of using sex toys such as vibrators and dildos.

2. Every woman has different erogenous zones therefore you should take time to find them and explore them thoroughly. A woman orgasms a lot faster and more often if you take her senses to such great heights that she is practically delirious from the pleasure. Make sure that before you slide in your love tool, she is already riveting with pleasure.

3.There are a handful of women who climaxes even without penetration or clitoral stimulation. They are very few but you will never know, your lady might be one of them. One way to fund out is to engage in heavy petting without going all the way. If she peaks, you know that you are one of the luckiest men alive.

4. Communication is key, express yourself. Let you wants and needs be known. It's OK to give gentle guidance. And it's so wonderful to enjoy life's gifts and that is an orgasm on a regular basis. Please put this into action. You owe it to your self. Make it happen.

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